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TxABA Committees

TxABA committees are staffed by volunteer behavior analysts, students, RBTs, and other members and serve vital roles in advancing TxABA's mission and strategic plan. The TxABA Executive Council establishes committees and appoints individuals to serve on committees, including serving as chair of a standing committee. Most committees meet for 1-2 hours monthly or quarterly depending on the committee. The time requirement outside of the meetings varies for each committee but interested members should expect about 1-2 hours a month. Active committee members who have been on committees for at least 6 months prior to the conference will receive free conference registration and free CEUs for the annual TxABA Conference.


TxABA wants a diverse range of experiences, expertise, and perspectives on our committees and encourages interested members to apply for a committee that interests them. We are currently accepting applications for committees year-round as many have availability. All committee members are required to be a TxABA member.


If you are interested in serving on a committee, please fill out this interest form and someone at TxABA will be in touch if you are considered for an open position.



The purpose is to establish awards provided by TxABA and recommend nominees for said awards.

  • Chair: Kate Patagoc-Johnson
  • Member: Jennifer Fritz
  • Member: Sigrid Glenn
  • Member: Anna Petursdottir

Members of the Awards Committee must have been a member of TxABA for a minimum of 10 years. For more information, please review the Awards Committee Charter.


The purpose of the Equity, Diversity, and Inclusivity for Everyone (EDIE) Committee is to support the TxABA organization to perform their duties in a manner that promotes diversity, inclusion, and equity as it pertains to the TxABA Executive Council, organization members, constituents, and any party of person who interacts with the organization.

  • Chair: Sarah Lechago
  • TxABA EC Liaison: Berenice de la Cruz
  • At-Large Rep (PhD Academic): Stephanie Gerow
  • At-Large Rep (Practice): Kimberly James-Kelly
  • At-Large Rep (Student): Danika Bosch-Greer

For more information, please review the EDIE Committee Charter.


The purpose of the Grants and Funding Committee is to enact funding activities in accordance with the TxABA Strategic Plan. This committee will focus on providing grants and other financial supports for active TxABA constituents who are early in their careers and are engaged in research and/or practice activities. To achieve its goals, this committee works in close collaboration with the TxABA Executive Council.

  • Chair: Joseph Dracobly
  • At-Large Rep (PhD - Adademic): Leslie Neely

For more information, please review the G&F Committee Charter.


The purpose of the Professional Issues and Development Committee is to identify issues occurring within the field of behavior analysis and provide resources to the field.

  • Chair: Jennifer Hines
  • At-Large Rep (BCBA): Amanda Smith
  • At-Large Rep (BCBA): Margaret Parks
  • At-Large Rep (BCBA): Brian Findlay
  • At-Large Rep (BCBA): Morgan Chapple
  • At-Large Rep (RBT): Laure Villarreal
  • At-Large Rep (BCBA): Kelle Rich

For more information, please review the PIDC Committee Charter.


The purpose of the Program Committee is to develop and organize (on its own or via sub-committees) the programs and services offered by the organization for each fiscal year.

  • Chair: Jeffrey Dillen
  • ACE Coordinator: Sam Bergmann
  • At-Large Rep (Masters): Christina Martin
  • At-Large Rep (PhD): Celeste Harvey
  • At-Large Rep (Rural): Ashley Alwine
  • At-Large Rep (Rural): Rachel Massey
  • At-Large Rep (RBT): Rebekah Perran
  • Executive Director: Rachel Kramer

Track Coordinators serve as a sub-committee of the Program Committee, specifically related to curating their respective track for TxABA's annual conference.

  • Track Coordinator (Professional): Rany Thommen
  • Track Coordinator (NDD) Sam Bergmann
  • Track Coordinator (General): Joe Dracobly
  • Track Coordinator (Research/Niche Areas): Daniele Ortu
  • Track Coordinator (OBM): Jason Hirst
  • Track Coordinator (Social Issues): Lee Mason
  • Track Coordinator (NDD - Adults): John Guercio
  • Track Coordinator (Education): Kathleen Strickland-Cohen

For more information, please review the Program Committee Charter.


The purpose of the Student Committee is to promote engagement, diversity opportunities, and provide resources among TxABA student members. Additionally, the Student Committee shall work with the Student Representative to ensure the perspective of students across the entirety of the state are represented on the council so as to further the growth of the next generation of behavior analysts

  • Chair: Marcus Strum
  • Secretary: Michelle Castillo
  • Student Rep (Doctoral): Lindsey Loflin
  • Student Rep (Master's): Ivan Duarte
  • At-Large Rep (Online): Rebekah Perran

For more information, please review the Student Committee Charter.


The purpose of the Executive Leadership Committee is to authorize TxABA officers to act for the Executive Council (EC) between regular meetings and in situations where an assembly of a quorum of the EC would be impractical or impossible, handle issues of lower priority that should not justify the meeting of the full EC, and serve as an advisor to the Executive Director, providing consultation, support, and guidance on an informal basis as requested by the Executive Director.

  • President (Chair): Summer Gainey
  • Past-President: Jeffrey Dillen
  • Secretary-Treasurer: Zachary Morford
  • Executive Director: Rachel Kramer

For more information, please review the ELCCharter. Please note that the ELC is a closed committee that is not open to applications from the general membership.