Membership Information

TxABA Membership


TxABA memberships last for 1-year (365 days) from the point of purchase. You may renew your membership when your existing membership has expired. In order to receive the member price for an event you must have an active membership at the time you purchase the event.


Member Categories

  • Student Member:  Available to individuals enrolled full-time in undergraduate and graduate studies, residents, or interns. 
    • In order to qualify for student memberships, prospective members must send verification of full-time student status to Documents should be on letterhead and/or have a valid signature and must show that you are currently enrolled. The following forms of verification are acceptable:
      • A letter or email from a professor who knows the student
      • A copy of the student's unofficial transcript
    • TxABA provides several scholarship opportunities to student members. Visit this page for more information on scholarships.
  • RBT Member: Available to individuals certified as a Registered Behavior Technician (RBT).
    • RBTs are required to enter their RBT number into their TxABA account to access RBT membership
    • Please note that you can only have student or RBT membership, it is not necessary to have both. Student Members are eligible for scholarships, student poster competition, to vote for/serve as student representative, and serve on the TxABA Student Committee. There are positions on TxABA Committees specific to RBT Members.
  • Affiliate Member:  Available to any interested party.
  • Voting Member:  Affiliate members who have voting rights within the organization. In order to qualify as a voting member, one must meet at least one of the following criteria:
    • Be a voting member of the Association for Behavior Analysis International (ABAI)
    • Be a Board Certified Behavior Analyst (BCBA, BCaBA, or BCBA-D)
    • Hold a Master's or Ph.D. degree with a full-time professional commitment to Behavior Analysis as determined by the TxABA EC or a Council-appointed representative
  • Supporting Member:  Denotes any member who has provided an additional donation to TxABA.
  • Sustaining Member:  Denotes any member who has provided an additional donation to TxABA.

Member Prices


Membership in the Texas Association for Behavior Analysis is available at these levels:

Member Type Annual Membership Price
Student/RBT $30
Affiliate/Voting $60
Supporting +$25 to student, RBT, affilate, or voting membership
Sustaining +$50 to student, RBT, affilate, or voting membership

To purchase or renew membership, please click here