2018 Regional Conference on Behavior Analysis

March 8 - 11, 2018

Hyatt Regency Houston
1200 Louisiana Street
Houston, TX 77002 (map)

Room rate of $169 through February 5, 2018.

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  • BACB Continuing Education Units will be available for a flat rate of $50, and you can earn up to 16 Type 2 BACB CEUs. You will also be able to prepay for your CEUs this year when you register for the conference.
  • TSHA Continuing Education Hours will be available for qualifying presentations. Fee TBD according to the number of qualifying presentations.
  • On-Site Registration will not be available if the conference sells out during pre-registration.
  • Group Discount: Organizations sending groups of 10 or more workshop attendees will receive a discount of $10/person by pre-registering. Not available for student registrations, or after pre-registration deadline. Groups must use the group registration tool to receive the discount.
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2018 Conference Registration

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2018 Sponsors


2018 Conference Presenters


  • James Partington: Programming Across the Life Span (6-hr Friday presentation)
  • Francesca degli Espinosa: A Conceptual Analysis of Teaching Complex Verbal Behaviour to Children with Autism: Beyond the Acquisition of Primary Operants (3-hr Friday presentation)
  • Rebecca MacDonald: Establishing Social Repertoires in Toddlers with Autism: The Nuts and bolts of Teaching (3-hr Friday presentation)
  • James Partington: Programming Across the Life Span (1-hr Saturday presentation)
  • Loukia Tsami: Effectiveness and Acceptability of Parent Training via Telehealth Among Families in US and Around the World (1-hr Saturday presentation)
  • John Guercio: Addressing Community Integration and Aggressive Behavior in Adults with an Autism Diagnosis (1-hr Saturday presentation)
  • Ellen Catoe & Amy Wood: Parental Involvement and Investment for Children from Early ABA Intervention into Adulthood (1-hr Saturday presentation)
  • Laura Grow: Assessing and Increasing the Reinforcing Value of Social Interactions (1-hr Saturday presentation)
  • Francesca degli Espinosa: A Behaviour Analysis of Theory of Mind (1-hr Saturday presentation)
  • Rebecca MacDonald: Catchen’ ‘em Early: Does it Really Matter? (1-hr Saturday presentation)
  • Stephanie Hood: Toward Meaningful Outcomes in Teaching Conversation Skills (1-hr Saturday presentation)
  • Lee Mason: Assessment to Intervention with the Verbal Behavior Stimulus Control Ratio Equation (1-hr Saturday presentation)
  • Jeffrey Tiger: A Comparison of Delay Fading Procedures Following Functional Communication Training (1-hr Saturday presentation)


  • Mark Galizio: A Search for Derived Stimulus Relations in Rats (1-hr Friday presentation)
  • Suzanne Mitchell: Delay, Probability and Effort Discounting in Rats: Implications for Psychopathology (1-hr Friday presentation)
  • John A. Nevin: Topic - Theoretical Alternatives to Behavioral Momentum Theory (1-hr Friday presentation)
  • Kimberly Kirkpatrick: The Role of Timing Processes in Delay Discounting (1-hr Friday presentation)
  • Mary M. Sweeney: Translating Basic Operant Research to Human Substance Use: Parallels, Challenges, and Future Directions (1-hr Friday presentation)


  • Janet Twyman: The Teaching Machine in the New Age: How Behavior Analysis Can Make Bad Teachers Good and Good Teachers Better (1-hr Saturday presentation)
  • Joanne Robbins: Partnerships: The Mutual Needs of Township Educational Systems in South Africa and Behaviorally-Based Systems in the U.S. (1-hr Saturday presentation)
  • Donny and Kendra Newsome: 80% Correct Does Not A Master Make: Introduction to Functional Mastery (1-hr Saturday presentation)
  • Grant Gautreaux: Observational Learning: Acquisition and Utility (1-hr Saturday presentation)


  • Amy Odum: Delay Discounting
  • Andy Lattal: A Tale of Two Rats: The Back Story of a Clever Cartoon
  • Jesús Rosales-Ruiz: Topic - Animal Training
  • Linda Hayes
  • Tim Hackenberg: Social Economics: Toward a Cost-Benefit Analysis of Social Behavior


  • Terry McSween: ABC Analysis: Tips and Techniques (1-hr Saturday)
  • Florence DiGennaro Reed: Evidence-Based Performance Management: Applying Behavioral Science to Support Practitioners (1-hr Saturday)
  • Aubrey Daniels: Why OBM? (1.5-hrs Saturday)


  • Ray Miltenberger: Teaching Safety Skills to Children (3-hr Friday presentation)
  • Regina Crone and Gordon Bourland: Topic - Supervision (3-hr Friday presentation)
  • Bill Ahearn: Topic - Ethics (3-hr Sunday presentation)
  • Ray Miltenberger: Applying Behavior Analysis to Enhance Sports Performance (1-hr Saturday presentation)
  • Bill Ahearn: Evaluating and Treating Repetitive Behavior: RIRD and Building Social Skills (1-hr Saturday)
  • Brian Francis: Topic - Licensure and the Texas Department of Licensing and Regulation (1-hr Saturday)
  • Regina Crone and Gordon Bourland: Topic - Licensure and Public Policy Issues in Texas (1-hr Saturday)
  • Mike Perone: Higher Education in Behavior Analysis Today and Tomorrow (1-hr Saturday)


  • Mark Mattaini: Behavioral Systems Science for Social Change (1-hr Friday presentation)
  • Angela Sanguinetti: Behavior Analysis and Eco-Feedback Technology (1-hr Friday presentation)
  • Bernard Guerin: Using Community-Based Research Methods for Functional Analyses: Examples from Rethinking Mental Health (1-hr Friday presentation)
  • Julie Smith: (1-hr Friday presentation)
  • Jomella Watson-Thompson: Opportunities for Impact: Using a Behavioral Approach to Address Community-Level Problems through Multisector Partnerships (1-hr Friday presentation)