Representative Ron Simmons

2016 TxABA Award - Public Service Contributions to Behavior Analysis in Texas

Rep. Ron Simmons joined the Texas House of Representatives for House District 65 in 2013. He is Vice Chair of the House business & industry committee, a member of the House Transportation Committee, and Chair of the Transportation Subcommittee on Long-Term Infrastructure Planning. He is also on the executive committee for the Texas Office for the Prevention of Developmental Disabilities. Originally from Arkansas, Rep Simmons earned a Bachelor's degree in Business from Dallas Baptist University, which named him the Distinguished Alumnus for 2012. He and his wife Lisa have lived in Dallas since 1985. Last year, Rep Ron Simmons authored HB 2703, which sought to establish licensure of behavior analysts, and other landmark legislation that sought to standardize the treatment and coverage of those with autism spectrum disorder and increase access to effective intervention, including ABA. During the 83rd legislative session, he authored HB 3276, which expanded insurance coverage of treatments for autism.

Presented by Dorothea Lerman at the 2016 TxABA Annual Conference