Janet Ellis

2012 TxABA Award - Career Contributions to Behavior Analysis in Texas

Janet Ellis

On behalf of the Executive Council of the Texas Association for Behavior Analysis, I join with Susan Miller to honor our colleague of 40 years -- Dr. Janet Ellis -- with TxABA's Award for Career Contributions in Texas. We recount here only a few of her many achievements:

As clinician extraordinaire, Janet Ellis was among the first in Texas to work with children with autism. Her clinical work also included adult clients and behavior problems of typical children. She gave the parents four consultations to shape up the behavior. And they did.

As co-founder of a consulting partnership, Performance Consultants, Janet specialized in organizational systems. Her work with the Texas Department of Corrections was reported in a widely cited book chapter.

As researcher, Janet Ellis led the way in conducting functional analyses in public school settings and published her results to reach broad audiences.

As editor of Behavior and Social Issues, she set the journal on its current path by soliciting and publishing manuscripts by well-known behavior analysts.

As TxABA's second president and its program chair for many years, Janet recruited top names in the field to speak at the conference. This was in the days before there were any funds to pay travel or honoraria.

As classroom instructor, Dr. Ellis spent a quarter century teaching the broad perspective of applied behavior analysis, always focusing on what students would need to be able to DO after graduation.

Her most significant contributions, however, probably lie in her mentoring of students through her Behavior Assessment Technology and Support Systems (BATSS). The students she mentored in BATSS universally claim that she prepared them to aim high and achieve the results intended. Here is what one student wrote about her:

"She instilled a confidence in me that was never there before and she continued to encourage and provide advice long after I finished graduate school. Dr. Ellis has fondly been called 'the hardest working woman in behavior analysis' and I and all her students are the better for this."

Professor Janet Ellis: Always prepared, always dedicated, and always humorous.

Presented by Sigrid Glenn at the 2012 TxABA Annual Conference