A Message from TxABA Executive Council - March 24, 2018

A Message from the TxABA Executive Council

March 24, 2018

The TxABA Executive Council was disappointed to read of the offending remarks that were made by Dr. Richard Malott during the keynote address at the 2018 CalABA conference. We stand in support of the actions taken by the ABAI and CalABA in response to this incident. We would also like to offer our congratulations to the Board of Directors of CalABA for organizing a successful conference.

TxABA is committed to maintaining a professional community that is respectful of all people. In so doing, the Executive Council has been discussing a few courses of actions we intend to pursue. These courses of action include, but are certainly not limited to:

1. Requiring our invited speakers to sign an agreement that they will adhere to our field’s code of ethics and conduct pertaining to presentations and professional interactions.

2. Continuing to require that each conference track include both male and female presenters, and continuing to encourage track coordinators to invite presenters from diverse backgrounds.

3. Continuing our newly developed Social Issues track, which was introduced at our annual conference this year. Through this track we will invite speakers to present on a diversity of topics and populations. This will include topics on gender, multiculturalism, and cultural competence, to name a few.

4. Actively participating in organized efforts with ABAI and other regional and professional organizations to dialogue about creating contingencies to engender professional and respectful behavior.

While the recent events may have inspired many challenging and often times uncomfortable interactions within our field, this situation can also represent an important and positive opportunity for us to engage actively and pointedly toward cultivating a respectful professional community. These efforts to create change aim not to harm or blame anyone, but rather to elevate all of us to the highest standards of excellence.

You can learn more about TxABA and reach out to our Executive Council members through our website at txaba.org.


The TxABA Executive Council