Behaviorists for Social Responsibility (BFSR)

The mission of the TxABA Special Interest Group Behaviorists for Social Responsibility (BFSR SIG) is to act to expand applications of behavior analysis addressing social issues, particularly those with social justice, human rights, and environmental implications.

Activities of BFSR will include:

  • - expanding and strengthening the community of behavior analytic scientists working in areas of social importance
  • - encouraging behavior scientists and practitioners to take action
  • - expanding public awareness of behavior analytic principles and practices that can contribute to addressing social issues
  • - encouraging TxABA to have presentations and programming related to social issues at the annual conference

Activities of the BFSR SIG are directed by a committee, which includes:

Traci Cihon
Zachary Morford
Oanh Luc
Tashenna Gillmore

How to contact us:


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